Amazon Prime Day PPC – How To Optimize For Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day PPC - 5 Steps To Max Out Your Sales

Amazon prime day is here! Are you ready to dominate? Here are 5 tips to maximize your sale potential on Amazon.

  1. Extend your budget – When prime comes along, there will be a huge surge in shopper traffic, and thus a huge increase in PPC spend. Make sure you raise your budget by at least 50%. Also, make sure you set campaign level budgets to ensure that one product or campaign will zap your entire budget. Watch your account closely through the day and raise or lower budgets accordingly.

  2. Be careful of broad match. Be careful when raising a broad match keyword bid before prime day. Broad match keywords can end up blowing your budget and not converting. Raise bids for Exact and Phrase matches, and possibly slightly for broad matches.

  3. Look for keywords in your account that are performing well (at least 20% under your target ACOS. EG if your target ACOS was 40%, anything < = 20%) and raise the keyword bid by at least 100%. If you want to stay cautious, raise then at least 50%.

  4. Create prime day specific campaigns. If you want to play it ultra safe, you can create one-day campaigns just for prime day, that will only run for one day. This way they won’t carry over into the next day.

  5. Now is not a good time to test new keywords or theories. Spend your money on keywords that you know have a history of converting well, this way you won’t blow your entire PPC budget in the first few hours of Prime Day.

CRAZY AWESOME TIP: This trick can be a little risky, but works really well if done correctly. If you have limited money to spend on PPC for prime day, pause all your campaigns late tonight (July 15th, 2018) and then don’t enable them until 11am PST. Why you ask? Bids will get cheaper as the hours tick by, as other sellers will be blowing their budgets early. When you turn your campaigns on later in the day, you will get cheaper clicks and thus a lower ACOS.

USE WITH CAUTION! – DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT use this tactic on any product’s campaign if you a running a lightning deal on that product. If you are running a lightning deal, you should be giving that product’s campaign a healthy budget, and raising the bids significantly (150% – 300%) while the lightning deal is running. You want to continue the aggressive PPC after the lightning deal if it was successful.

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