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"I love this tool, and if you ever take it from me I’ll die!" - Amy Wees

ACOSinator: The Comprehensive Profit Picture for Your Product

Know with certainty what your actual and potential profit is on all your Amazon products. Plan your advertising ACOS before you spend a single penny. ACOSinator ensures you’re sourcing profitable products from the start. Make precise and informed decisions in your Amazon business with ACOSinator. Start today with your Amazon Seller Login!

Source Force: Discover Profitable Products Quickly

Listing Lightning: SEO Optimize Listings In Minutes, Not Hours

Stop wasting precious time searching keywords on Amazon, researching competitors, and creating lists and targeting key phrases. Our proprietary algorithm does all that work for you. It also shows you exactly how to use them. This is THE perfect tool for both new and seasoned Amazon sellers.

Keyword Miner: Long-Tail Keywords That Kill The Competition

Develop ultra long-tail keywords that make your listings and ad campaigns ultra profitable. Target the EXACT phrases to make your product an instant success. Use the keyword miner to find those long-tail gems for your Amazon PPC campaigns and do it in SECONDS.

Index Checker: Ensure Amazon is Indexing Keywords in Your Listing

Get your keywords and phrases indexed by Amazon and it’s A9 search. The Index Checker is perfect for SEO and PPC optimization, which is KEY to making a profit, but is often overlooked by most Amazon sellers. This tool tells you if Amazon sees your listing as relevant based on your target phrases.

Rank Rocket: Track The Explosion Of Sales & Rank On Your Products

Skyrocket your Amazon sales and ranking by managing your PPC and offsite traffic. Accurately track your results with our keyword ranking, product ranking, and competitor ranking tools. Know your competitor ranks before they do and profit from it. You are in the fast lane toward your destiny of total Amazon domination.

PPC Dominator: Create Amazon PPC Campaigns In Minutes, Not Hours

Stop wasting thousands of dollars bidding on useless keywords. With this tool, you only choose profitable Amazon keywords. Deploy thousands of keywords and initiate hundreds of campaigns in minutes, not hours, then test and target match types when you create your Amazon PPC campaigns. Don’t waste time, make money.

The Rainmaker: Automate and Optimize Your Entire Amazon PPC Ad Account in Seconds

Do you want more control? Optimize and automate in under 10 seconds! Use our filters to easily optimize your accounts. Save thousands of dollars each month with this elegant and easy tool.

Our Founders Have Been Featured On:
“The tool is pretty easy to use and I’m seeing results. I was on page 2 for dog nail clippers. Now I’m in 12th position on page 1.” – Jacob Hill

Whether you’re new to selling on Amazon or you’re a seasoned veteran that is ready to kick your profits into the stratosphere, you have come to the right place to get SEO for Amazon sellers. Our suite of Amazon marketing tools are just the tools you need to make real profits on Amazon. Save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours with just a couple of clicks. Spend your time and money where it matters – on making money. Scroll up and select the tools that fit your needs now. Don’t waste the power of your Amazon Seller Login!

Pricing Plans

*All Plans Come With An Unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Essential Tools For Success
$49.99 per month

All The Free Tools PLUS

Listing Lightning – Create The Perfect SEO’d Amazon Listing

Keyword Miner – Harvest Longtail Keyword For PPC And SEO


Level Up Your Sales
$79.99 per month

All The Starter Tools PLUS

Index Checker – Make sure Amazon Is Indexing Your Product

Rank Rocket – Track The Progress Of Your Target Search Terms


Dominate Your Compition
$99.99 per month

All The Advanced Tools PLUS

PPC Dominator – Create Successful Amazon PPC Campaigns

The Rainmaker – Optimize Your PPC Campaigns In Seconds

*If you're not satisfied for any reason within 30 days, let us know and we'll refund your money. One refund per household/organization.