How To Use Sponsored Products On Amazon

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sponsored products on amazon

How To Use Sponsored Products On Amazon

Sponsored Products is an integral part of Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), which encompass not only the ecommerce sites popular pay per click (PPC) marketing services. But it also encompasses one of the most used and most abused marketing tool on the web: the ‘Like’ feature on the product pages. Essentially, when someone clicks the ‘Like’ feature on an Amazon product page, Amazon will display their logo on the like page along with an image link to the sponsored links. The benefits of sponsored listings on Amazon s main web page include:

* Provides instant confirmation that someone clicked on your advertisement. If your advertisement was placed in the search results and no one clicked on your ad, you’ll still have a confirmed lead that someone actually saw your ad. That eliminates the possibility of a single person clicking on your ad and leaving the page without a second thought. Instead, they left and visited your second page that having your ad.

* Provides a good research base for keyword campaigns. Amazon offers excellent tools for keyword research. Keyword based ads can be split test and tracked with great accuracy. Combined with a manual strategy for selecting keywords, these two factors will quickly increase the profitability of any affiliate marketing campaign.

* Automates a large percentage of the ad-buying process. We all know that traffic is the lifeblood of an Internet business. It makes little sense to invest a tremendous amount of time into creating new and exciting campaigns, only to have it disappear in the cold, without producing any results. With an auto campaign, you can purchase bids for specific keywords, set an affordable maximum bid, and then have your advertisement show up on the sponsored listings as soon as it sells. This eliminates the “spam” issue that can bog down some organic SEO campaigns.

* Helps promote the seller’s product and increase visibility of the product. If the title is powerful enough, it may encourage readers to click through to the seller’s site. Auto campaigns eliminate the time investment into building a marketing campaign that will not be seen. Many sellers choose to outsource their sponsored product program to experienced sellers who are willing to work with them on a more personal level.

* Has absolutely no cost associated with the operation. Running ads like this is entirely managed by Amazon. No tracking is required, no ad duplication, no sales management issues, and no additional fees for using the sponsored listings format on Amazon. Amazon does all of the work so you can focus your time and energy on the actual product sales and customer support. Many sellers choose to focus on the technical aspects of the business instead of the advertising aspect, but with an auto campaign, you have the control to create and maintain your own marketing strategy.

* Does not use up valuable Amazon resources like the title or description. The vast majority of sponsored listings on Amazon contain Amazon’s in-house keyword and content databases. Using these resources requires an investment in data entry. However, the overwhelming majority of affiliate marketers do not have this cost, so they can invest more of their time and resources optimizing their own campaigns.

* Build a targeted list, not a broad one. Many sellers who choose to use Amazon as their distributor source never get started because they decided to buy a broad range of products to sell. They spend too much time researching product specifications and keywords, choosing which product to buy, creating a detailed product detail page, writing compelling sales messages and testimonials, and more before getting started. If you want to get started quickly with your own online business, consider purchasing an unlimited membership package from Amazon to get started right away.