Amazon PPC – Is It Right For Your Online Business?

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Amazon PPC – Is It Right For Your Online Business?

Amazon PPC is an online marketing model where advertisers pay a fixed fee to Amazon whenever a visitor clicks on their advertisement (pay-per-clicks). There are basically 3 Amazon pay-per-click ad types available: Affiliate products, Affiliate brands and Regular Sponsoring Products. Basically any product can be placed for sale by any advertiser using any of these three ad types. The most common product/service sold by merchants through Amazon is books and other e-books. This is where you start your adventure in making money online.

One of the reasons why using pay-per-clicks can make money online is because it gives you instant access to large amounts of potential buyers. The moment your ad appears on a website or search result page, the website owner who placed it there will take care of paying you for this access. In most cases (if not all cases), you will be paid instantly. Other than that, using pay-per-clicks can also make your online marketing efforts more targeted as it will only allow you to advertise to the people who have already searched for the products or services that you are offering.

If you want to go with the manual option of advertising, you need to learn the basics of search engine optimization (SEO). This will help you create the right kind of niche or keywords that will bring prospective customers straight to your website. Once you have the basic knowledge on how to create keyword phrases that will effectively bring customers to your site, all you need to do is to place these keywords or phrases in your advertisements and your campaign will immediately become more targeted. However, the only downside to using the manual method is that you are the one to create the campaign. When it comes down to it, you are the one responsible for your campaign and your profitability.

Another great thing about Amazon’s PPC services is that they offer several different options to create your own customized campaign. You can either use the Universal or the contextual options. The former will basically allow you to target only those customers that will see your advertisement either in their search results or on a website. This is considered more efficient compared to traditional methods where you will be sending mass emails or making ads available in magazines that will only be seen by your target audience.

The drawback to this is that you are not given much control over how your advertisement will look like. There is nothing that you can really customize apart from the colors that are used. You can however control how you will track the performance of your campaign through the metrics provided such as click through rate, number of impressions, cost per impression, cost per thousand impressions and many other statistics. If you think that tracking your data would be too time consuming, then you might want to opt for manual campaigns. But if you are confident that you can effectively manipulate the data, then you might want to go for a PPC service that offers a lot of features at a low cost.

Amazon uses an advertising platform called Amazon Payments Platform. You will be charged on a CPC basis, which means that you will only be charged for actual clicks on your advertisements. This is the most common method used by online marketers these days because it is the most cost effective. On top of that, you have full control over what types of advertisements you will be using. You can choose from a wide array of ad formats such as text links, banners, buttons and if you are running a PPC campaign, both.

On the downside, you cannot choose which sponsored campaigns will run automatically. However, with an automatic campaign, you can target specific keywords that will help you increase your sales. You will not however be able to target everyone who is searching for the same product. As such, you will need to manually enroll every user that comes to your website for targeted sales.

On the other hand, with an automatic campaign you can target any user searching for your products or services regardless of whether he or she is a customer or not. One of the best advantages that you stand to gain from using Amazon PPC is the chance to earn huge returns. If you have ten thousand visitors who come to your website, you can easily get sixty to seventy percent of their impressions. A carefully orchestrated campaign with an accurate combination of targeted keywords, bids and impressions will help you earn top dollars. Apart from this, there are several other benefits that you stand to enjoy if you choose to take up an affiliate marketing program such as Amazon PPC. These include: