Amazon PPC Campaigns – Which Sources Should You Use to Build Brand Awareness?

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The Amazon Website helps advertisers market their products through a PPC (or Pay Per Click) campaigns. As with any marketing, there are pros and cons of using Amazon. For example, when an advertiser places an ad on the website, they have to pay a fee to Amazon before the ad is displayed. However, there are many ways that an advertiser can take advantage of the power of the Amazon Website. Below are some tips to help you advertise on the Amazon Website successfully:

amazon ppc ads

Targeting: This is very important when choosing an ad method. PPC ads differ from regular advertisements because they have to be targeted to a specific audience. For example, a TV commercial that targets everyone who watched sitcoms would not be as effective as a TV commercial targeting people who watched sitcoms only. A PPC campaign must focus on a specific group of consumers. Look for keywords and phrases that will be most likely used by your target audience.

Keywords: Using proper keywords is imperative for successful PPC advertisements. Amazon uses two different keys – a keyword frequency ratio (KPIs) and click-through rate (CTR). Learn more about the proper use of these two kpis and the benefits of using Amazon’s Keyword Tool.

Impressions: Using compelling titles, images and compelling copy can drive more potential customer clicks to your ads. Research how the words are used by your target audience to identify areas of your advertisement that could lead to an impression. For example, if you sell books that are useful for children in your particular market but not relevant to book lovers, change the phrase “useful for children” to “children’s books.” Having a catchy headline that draws attention is as important as having high quality content.

Match Types: PPC ads must be well-written to get a high CTR from prospective buyers. It is important to choose appropriate keyword match types that are likely to produce a positive response. One way to help your ad matching type is to narrow down your search terms to just those relevant to your product. For example, if you sell jewelry, you would want to include jewelry items in your ads. If you sell shoes, your advertisement could contain the keywords shoes or simply say shoes.

Promotional Items: Many advertisers use promotional items in their PPC advertisements because it makes it easy for customers to remember and associate brands with the ads. An example would be a pen that has the Amazon logo on it. As a result of using this technique with Amazon PPC, you are more likely to have higher conversion rates. When customers have a certain item in mind when they make a click through to your website, they are more likely to buy it. This is what you call brand association.

External Websites: When an advertiser uses external websites like YouTube or Facebook to advertise their product, it helps increase the chances of people buying their products. However, sending shoppers directly to the sales page of your website will not guarantee a sale since these websites do not have a good visitor response rate. Instead, you should send shoppers to Amazon PPC ads placed externally. These ads, especially the third party ads will not only drive more traffic to your site but will also encourage people to click on the affiliate links.

To increase the chances of getting conversions, you can use both methods of sending visitors to your website to Amazon PPC ads and external website listings. However, the best option for an Internet marketer is to build brand awareness only with the PPC ads and gradually send them to cPC ads once your website already has a good visitor response. To do this, you should have a high daily budget for PPC and a decent CTR (click through rate) for the external ads. Once you get conversions from both sources, gradually decrease your daily budget for PPC and increase your daily budget for CPA.