Having issues with generating sales on new product launch

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Elton Wong asked 6 years ago

Need some helpful tips or answers to some questions of mine. I just started a new product launch and have trouble generating sales potentially because of few things…

  1. I selected a category that may be too competitive, but did initial research looks to be an OK niche to start in with top sellers with low reviews and estimated sales seems adequate to enter. But have not gotten any sales organically really. 
    1. I started my campaign and launch and generated some sales to get the ball rolling initially, ran AUTO campaign and a keyword campaign broad/phase words. So far AUTO campaign has gone no where really, no keywords have been spent. My initial spend has been .50 for the past week. Looks like there is no one clicking my ads, but seems to be getting at last ~5,000 impressions. My question is, is my default bid too low? I’ve set it to .80 default bid for an AUTO campaign which does not seem low by any means, but seems hard to get some traction as no one is clicking into my ads. What does this mean? Is my product too competitive where they are not clicking? it seems to be generating impressions, just no clicks.. my listing is pretty optimized, photos, description, bullets, etc.
  2. Now that you know my struggle, what advice can you give if the sales have not been organically ranking for me? What steps should I be taking to get targeted. Is my product too saturated perhaps is my concern? Top sellers have about 50-400 reviews which do not seem hard to get into. 
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andy Staffanswered 6 years ago
  1. From the looks of it, I would say that you need to take another look at your main photo, and your listings copy. Is it 100% optimized. If not you definitely want to spend a lot of time learning that skill. Optimization is the foundation of a successful Amazon listing. I don’t want to sound like an ad, but I would highly suggest out “Listing Lightning” tool. We give you a free 30-day trial, so you will have plenty of time to use it and see the results you will have with it. You will also want to make sure that your listing is indexed. Your auto campaign bid should be higher than the suggested bid by at least 20%, in the beginning, to make sure that you get impressions and clicks ASAP to see that converts. 
  2. Use Amazon’s early reviewer program if you need some early reviews. This will help you get those all essential first reviews. The absolute best way to get ranked these days is using 2 step urls with off-site traffic, targeting the middle competition words, then moving up.
  3. For a new product launch, we use the “Blitz” method. IE: Send as much traffic from as many sources as possible. This will help you rank quickly and successfully. Be ready to spend in the beginning and go into the red for at least a few weeks.