Amazon Keywords – Why You Need to Track Your Amazon Keyword Ranks

With over 180 million keywords in Amazon’s search system, customers can search for anything. But as a seller, you want customers to see your products first. Therefore it’s key to track your product keywords and how they rank on Amazon, compared to all the other seller’s products that are available.

How Important Is It to Track Your Ranking?

1.     Amazon customers don’t look very far

Did you know that 10% of customers search beyond Page 3? If your product does not land within the first three pages, you risk losing sales.

2.     You boost product visibility

Optimize each keyword in your product listing and you will see improvement in product visibility in the search results page.

3.     Higher keyword rankings mean more sales

The higher your product ranks on Amazon because of the high keywords, the more products you will sell.

Crush Your Competition with Rank Rocket

To increase your product ranking results, simply use the same SEO tools as top money-making FBA sellers. This allows you to rise above the competition.

Do you know how many Amazon products are competing with yours based on the keywords used?

When you use Rank Rocket, our SEO keyword monitoring system, you will know how your business is doing and how your marketing and optimization efforts are being affected. You’ll know how your product ranks on Amazon based on the keywords selected for your item’s listing.

Rank Rocket helps you understand your market, see key information for all keywords, and know your target competition. You will also see which low-end competitor keyword phrases to avoid and how to use prime keywords to achieve the highest ranking for your product’s category. With Rank Rocket you’ll exceed your competition and increase how your customers see your products.

Steps to make your product hit #1 on Amazon’s search page results

1.     Find Your Top Amazon Keywords

Sellers mess up with their keyword rankings because they do not know what their top keywords are and don’t generally research for the absolute best keyword for their product. It’s important to make sure that you know how many searches your product’s keywords reach each month so you can achieve the best sales results.

2.     Include Promotions with Your Top Keywords

Now that you’ve used Amazon’s keyword ranking with your product listing, you’ll want to make sure that Amazon’s search algorithm knows that your product is the most relevant in searches related to those keywords. The easiest way to accomplish this is to host promotional giveaways.

3.     Track Your Amazon Keyword Ranking and Adjust

After you send out promotions, you need to track and monitor the progress of those SEO keywords. You can go to Amazon every day and perform a search and dig through page after page, but that’s the hard way. The fastest way is with Rank Rocket.

Monitoring the process is easy. Simply add a new ASIN, and you’ll know where your Amazon product page ranks compared to the targeted keywords. Your product optimization ranks will improve over an amount of time. You will see where other products rank by means of different keyword phrases, and you’ll discover keywords with lower competition that you can maximize and align to your advantage.

Important areas to focus on to achieve the best keywords

  1. Product Title. The absolute best keyword should be front and center. Then, you can sprinkle in the other hot keywords in order of importance.
  2. Bullet points. Putting important keywords into the bullet points is a great place because consumers will find it easy to read and understand the value they’re getting. You can include descriptors, market, or other long tail words. If a keyword is already in the title, you don’t have to repeat it anywhere else in your listing.
  3. Product description. You can anchor a few more keywords into your product description, which can be crafted into creative sentences or in describing the product.
  4. Backend Keywords. Sometimes it’s great to put all the other keywords that you think might be important into the backend of your product description. This could include adding brand names as well.


A Word About Using Promotional Campaigns

When you’re building a business, you don’t want to spend too much money all at once. Even though Amazon promotional giveaways are an incredibly effective way for promotion, they can only take your product so far. The moment your ranking slows down, you’ll want to stop the campaign. Otherwise, you could end up giving away hundreds or thousands of dollars in product.

How long should I run a promotional giveaway campaign?

The maximum length for promotional giveaway campaigns is 10-14 days. Results won’t show up for about 3-5 days, but at the two-week mark, your Amazon keyword ranking slows down.

Rank Rocket Offers Quick Setup

Time is precious. Using our intuitive Rank Rocket tool guarantees the product keyword optimization will save you oodles of time. Type in your product url or ASIN to add new products. Quickly input new SEO keywords. Import keywords from another product, which is a time saver for you and your business. Then you can actually spend time analyzing the data.

With Rank Rocket You Can

  • Track your keywords and optimize your Amazon product page by using our sleek design and easy-to-use interface.
  • Monitor important keywords for your products.
  • Know what works and what doesn’t work after logging necessary changes in your marketing and optimization efforts.
  • Crush your competition with keyword data that is sure to improve your Amazon product ranking position.
  • Discover prime keywords that have poor competition, allowing you to capitalize your FBA revenue.

Now that you know what it takes for your item to appear high on Amazon search results, you will see more results in sales for your business. Crush your competition with Rank Rocket!