Marketing At It’s Best – Valentine’s Day: Free Hooters wings when you shred your ex

This is how you do viral marketing right.

On Valentine’s Day, bring in a photo of your ex and shred it — by hand or using the shredder onsite — and you’ll get 10 boneless wings free (when you buy any 10 wings).

The cheers of other customers and a platter of garlic-habanero chicken wings ought to help you forget Tonya or Tom for a while, right? This is the second year for the popular ShredYourEx promotion, Dublin Hooters manager Taylor McKinley said.

“We bought a shredder just for that,” she said. “We got pretty busy. A lot of people had photos.”

When I stumbled onto this I had to point it out. Here’s how you can leverage a holiday like Valentine’s Day to drive sales and visibility with a very simple but clever promotion. Let us know in the comments if you have tried this type of creative marketing, and how effective it was.