Selling On Amazon Account – How we made 7 figures in less than a year

Our Selling On Amazon Account - The Story On How We Got To 7 Figures In Less Than A Year

Amazing Story – How my wife and I sold millions on Amazon.

I normally don’t post things like this, but I had to share my story and tell you about the opportunity to work for yourself and be the master of your own destiny. What am I talking about? Our successful selling on Amazon account. My wife and I started our Amazon business with very little time and money while we kept working our 9 to 5 jobs.

To our delight and surprise, In less than 3 months we had sold over $80,000.

Back then we had to learn as we went, but now there is a huge shortcut to learning how to successfully sell on Amazon. There are literally hundreds of people who sell over a million dollars a year on Amazon, some in as little as 6 months.

Are you done with the 9 to 5? Do you want to make a real living for yourself and your family? Do you want to control your own destiny? Check out some of these free videos to see how you can be a success on Amazon with the step by step training we provide for you.

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When you’re done learning the basics of Selling On Amazon, keep learning!

It’s time to take the next step. You know the basics of selling on Amazon, and how to navigate Seller Central, the UI for Amazon Seller’s, it’s time to get more advanced. It’s time to source your first product! When you’re sourcing your first product, it’s important to know how to source great products at great prices. How can you do that? Start with Do small “test buys” of products that you’re thinking about selling.

What’s Next? It’s time to learn Amazon listing optimization and Amazon SEO

Now that you’ve got your product in the pipeline, it’s time to move on to one of the most important factors of selling on Amazon. Listing optimization. If you’re going to be successful at Selling on Amazon, you’re going to need to master this skill, or at least find cheat’s to master this skill. If you want a shortcut, check out our listing lighting tool. It lets you create highly optimized Amazon listings, even if you don’t know anything about Amazon SEO.

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It’s Time To Make Sure Your Amazon Product Is Indexed

Once your listing is fully optimized, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re indexing for your most important keywords. What is indexing? Well, it’s a test to see if Amazon displaying your product when a customer searches with a specific phrase or keyword. Why is this important? If you’re not indexed, it means that your product won’t show up in search results. No visibility = no sales. You can check to see if you’re indexed by putting YOURASIN SEARCHTERM in the search box to test each keyword manually, or you can use our index checker tool to make sure that you’re indexing. Using our index checker is the best way to ensure that your Selling On Amazon Account will be a success as well!

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Selling On Amazon requires good keywords. How do you pick the best?

When you create your listing and your PPC campaigns, you will want to make sure that you’re using the best tools possible. When choosing keywords, you want to make sure that you find keywords with the highest search volume, but the lowest amount of competition. Easier said then done right!? You need our free chrome keyword tool to make sure you have the best Amazon keywords on the planet!

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Now It’s Time To Track Our Progress With An Amazon Rank Tracker

Now that you have a fully optimized listing, with the best keywords, we need to know if we are progressing in the right direction. The best way to use this is with an Amazon rank tracker. What does an Amazon rank tracker do? Well, it lets you check the keyword rank for a list of keywords in your selling on Amazon account product listings. Each day you can look to see if you are gaining keyword rank, or losing keyword rank. You can also track your daily BSR (best seller rank) to see on the overall stat of if you are increasing sales, or losing ground to your competitors.

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Ok, I’m All Set Up, But I’m Still Asking Myself How To Maximize My Selling on Amazon Account Settings

Now that you have the essential pieces in place, it’s time to market and promote your Amazon product. How do you do that? Start by enabling an Amazon Auto PPC (Amazon sponsored products) campaign, along with setting up an Amazon promo code. Once you have these two elements in place, it’s time to increase your Amazon sales! You will also want to send up a manual Amazon advertising campaign as well.

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How do I boost my Amazon keyword ranking and rank my product’s keywords on Amazon?

One of the most effective ways to boost your Amazon keyword rank is to drive off-site traffic from off of Amazon to Amazon. What is off-site traffic? It’s any traffic driven to Amazon, that doesn’t originate from the Amazon website. Some examples include: facebook, instagram, pinterest, reddit, google ads (adwords), google shopping, social media, blogs youtube and more. You also need to use Amazon 2-step URLs. What are two-step URLs? They are special URL’s that contain keywords in them so that you can rank for those keywords. You can either learn how to build them or use our traffic titan tool to automate the process for you. We hope that this Selling On Amazon Account and success story lights a fire under you to get your first Amazon product listing online today!

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