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Keyword Miner

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The Ultimate Amazon
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Simply enter your main keyword into Listing Lightning and our Amazon listing optimization tool will help you build the perfect listing in a fraction of the time. Get your listing on page 1!

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Our proprietary keyword analyzer tool will tell you exactly what words to use, and exactly where to place them in your Amazon listing. Our Amazon listing tools will give you maximum ROI.

Profit per unit, and profit
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Plan out your profit per quantity sold and your expected profit for an entire purchase order. Make intelligent decisions about pricing, logistics, & packaging.

The modern marketer is: an experimenter, a lover of data, a content creator, a justifier of ROI.

Kimberly Walsh

Do you know how to write an SEO optimized
Amazon listing that converts?

If you are selling a physical product from Amazon, whether it be wholesale, private label, white label, or retail arbitrage, one of the most important data points is to know how to optimize your Amazon listing for the maximum potential profit and ROI.

It’s extremely important when you’re building a product listing, and once the product is live on Amazon to have the best listing SEO possible. You used to have to take a lot of time, an excel spreadsheet, and figure out keywords, where to put them, and how to get the best results.

Once you get those keywords, you would need to come back and input your updated data to get your listing adjusted accordingly to keep your Amazon business profitable.

With Listing Lightning, we’ve done all the work for you! It’s like Amazon listing creation software on steroids.

See exactly how you can use this tool to get the whole picture when creating and optimizing Amazon product listings for your FBA business.

How To Use The Ultimate Amazon Listing Tool

When building your product listing, it’s important to get the best main phrase so that you can know exactly what to enter as your main phrase, and in turn, give you the best keywords to optimize your products listing on Amazon FBA.

Our keyword analyzer tool will help you make intelligent choices when you ask the question “how do I sell more on Amazon”

Start with your top products, and optimize them for more sales and organic rank on Amazon FBA, use our listing tool to create the best listing for that product, and watch your sales and rank skyrocket!

With Listing Lightning, you know you will have the most optimized listing with the least time and effort.

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