What Does Dayparting Mean?

Are you wondering what day parting your Amazon PPC campaigns mean?

Dayparting is a PPC advertising technique, in which you turn your Amazon advertising campaigns on and off throughout the day, or on different days of the week to more effectively target customers, and to get a better ROAS (return on ad spend).

Why do I need to use dayparting?

The reasons to daypart on Amazon is a little different than on some other PPC ad platforms like Google ads. The reason for this is that it’s very hard to get attribution for exactly when someone converted on one of your products. Amazon is said to be working on solutions like Amazon Attribution. In the meantime though, you can compile your order data to get a good idea on what days of the week and what times of day that you’re getting the most conversions vs ad spend. Another great reason to use dayparting is to help stave off things like click fraud and click farms. In layman’s terms, you would be turning your ads off in the middle of the night, when very little sales are happening, yet competitors in other countries are wide awake and they, one of their employees, or a bot, is clicking on your ads while you’re paying for them, yet not getting a single sale from those fraudulent clicks.

How do I get started with dayparting for Amazon?

With these 3 simple steps!

Dayparting Set-up Step #1

Sign up for a service that includes dayparting. We highly suggest our Daydream PPC Dayparting tool which is part of the SellerSEO Elite plan. Along with day parting, you will get tools like PPC dominator (to create Amazing PPC campaigns), The Rainmaker (one click PPC optimization), an Amazon rank tracker, reverse ASIN lookup, and so much more. Try it free for 30 days.

Dayparting Set-up Step #2

Crunch the data from your Amazon Sales reports. If you’re not an Excel guru, then look for help on a platform like Fiverr or upwork. Once you’ve got the data compiled, set your schedule. Blue boxes mean the campaign should be active, white means that the campaigns should be paused during those times.

Amazon PPC Dayparting

Dayparting Set-Up Step #3

Set the name of the schedule, and then select the checkboxes of the campaigns you want to apply this schedule to. Then scroll down and hit “Save campaigns”

Amazon Day Parting

You can repeat these steps multiple times to apply different schedules to different sets of Amazon PPC campaigns.

The first time you run the tool, go into your Amazon ads account and ensure that the campaigns are starting and ending as scheduled.