Amazon SEO: Optimizing Amazon Product Listings

Amazon SEO: How to Sell Like a Pro on Amazon with SEO to Boost Your Sales in 2019

As a seller or an entrepreneur, we all know that the market is filled with competition and competitive products and sellers too. Well, we really want to achieve something better than them and grow our business to the fullest. Yet it’s so problematic on how to learn Amazon SEO in such a way where we could assure our success through smart marketing and organizing. And so, believe it or not, most of us don’t have time to think and create a step-by-step plan before we start to sell. That is why you should read this article, especially if you have an Amazon Seller Account. Learn how to have strong Amazon SEO optimisation through the Amazon SEO book to get more customers and increase sales.

On Amazon, if someone is interested in buying a product, they need to search for it. Amazon will instantly pop-up the recommendations and best products that Amazon thinks are the most relevant for the customer. But how can you get more traffic as a seller? The answer is through the Keywords you use in your product listing. Yeah! I know, it is the easiest idea, yet it can be very complicated to figure out how to optimize your product on Amazon. That is why you need to learn the tips and tricks on how to SEO optimize your Amazon listing and get your product seen by more of your potential customers.  And after reading our tips, we recommend you to look at our “Listing Lighting” tool, and how it will get you the perfectly optimized listing every time. Also, an Amazon SEO software is recommendable for better keyword searching.

However, if you are a newbie in Amazon, perhaps someone that wants to sell hand-crafted products, using Amazon handmade SEO is advisable. Now, if you want to discover more of what Amazon SEO means, let’s get started.

Amazon SEO & Listing Optimization: Keywords

SEO in Amazon is an important thing that every seller should learn and acquire. Inserting keywords is one of them. If you forget the keyword for the product you’re seeking, you could lose the possibility of buying the right for you. Just like for Seller, without having the right keyword in Amazon SEO, the potential customers could not find the product of your own instead other products will pop up and you lose the market. So try to pay attention to this market strategy.

Part of the Amazon search optimization (SEO) is having the keyword research, which makes powerful and relevant keywords for the promising product. In fact, it is one of the secrets of the successful Amazon Top sellers which includes the Amazon SEO 2018. Relevant keywords will be used by the customer to find your product. Well, how could these powerful keywords actually increase your sales at Amazon? The answer is in the products that will be shown by the Amazon SEO software if someone wished a certain product will be the only products contain this keyword.

The goal of this feature at Amazon SEO software (keyword research) is to show relevant and suited products wished by customers and could lead to the possibility that more people could see your endorsing product and click and bought it. That is why we need to choose the keywords we will use for higher sales. Choose your keywords and collect as many relevant ones as possible to increase the chances of being found and in popup searches. You could attain this through learning from others or from your competitors such as their titles, what descriptions they used, and bullet points and what term/keyword they used mostly. And another one, type generic keyword (like “table,” if this product is what are you selling) and see what are the suggestions that Amazon comes up because these are the popular words to search, and a chance for you to come up with a good keyword.


Amazon SEO & Listing Optimization: Primary and Hidden Keywords

For choosing the right keyword it is imperative and necessary to think rational which means choosing keywords without overlooking what is impossible. That is why dividing the keywords into 2 categories might help you throughout this market – Primary and Hidden Keywords.

Primary Keywords – are the primary keywords, most important and recommend to display frequently in your product’s title, description or features of the products.

Hidden Keywords – keywords you can use in the backend of Amazon. Customers can’t see them but pay attention to them as it might affect your product’s rank.

•Don’t provide unnecessary or misleading information, including the category of a product, and taking nothing else into account except the keywords.

•Put search keywords in the most reasonable order.

•Don’t include words that are temporarily true like “New” or “Sale.”

•Do not include one-sided comments.

•Don’t use punctuation marks in a keyword.

•Do not add common miss written spellings that it might reflect something negative.

To optimize the visibility of your product, select the proper product category. As part of your Amazon search engine optimization; you have to choose the right primary and secondary keywords and their combinations so you can finally add them to your product listing. Both primary and secondary keywords should and must choose and used wisely and smartly as it will take effect on your market at Amazon.


Amazon SEO & Listing Optimization: The Content of the Product

Now, we are done choosing the keywords for our products and increased visibility. We are going to use them in our page details that will make our product at Amazon relevant and visible to the customers. How much important is the content page or the detail page of our product? From this part of this section:

  • Product Title
  • 5 Bullet Points that will highlight its features.
  • Product Description
  • Main image

We are going to use those keywords in order to make the product the most visible. By doing this process, your products can be the best selling products on Amazon.


Amazon SEO & Listing Optimization: Product Title

To optimize the product title of your product, you must use primary keywords in it. The Amazon SEO software allows you to have titles with 200 characters long (including spaces) Key details you should include are brand names, the quantity of the product, and any distinctive features you might have added. And Amazon suggests if you have some difficulties in writing a product title, you should use this format: Brand + Model + Product Type. With their guidelines, you should ensure your product listing does the following:

  • Always capitalize the first letter of every word you used.
  • Spell out measurements.
  • Numbers should be written in numerals (10 rather than the word “ten”).
  • Interpret the word “and.”
  • Size should not be included not unless it’s a relevant detail to be known.


Amazon SEO & Listing Optimization: Product Features (Bullet Points)

You should pay attention to these 5 bullet points as the shoppers should know the highlighted features of your product. Have you tried to search at Amazon and find the right product, and as a customer you want to know what makes the product unique among other through these 5 bullet points with the features of the product. These bulleted descriptions are brief and concise as possible for the customer. As a seller, it is fact, that it’s your job to tell them the product’s uniqueness and why they need to buy the product. And keep in mind that you should also put keywords in this section. Amazon’s suggested content for writing this section:

  • Use keywords in each bullet.
  • Include all the most important features and how the customer could benefit from them.
  • Enter a unique description.
  • Your product’s size or dimension.
  • Product Guarantees and Warranties.

Amazon SEO & Listing Optimization: Product Descriptions

The product description is the section where you can expand the features of the product, even benefits and characteristics. Though with the 5 bullets you’ve already included some unique content, here you could include keywords and optimize the product while having some creativity about the content. It is also beneficial for you to write descriptions that are much voted for you. You could go to some of your competitor’s products and skim some of their reviews and mind the complaints about them and drive the description right with your product’s description. Your customers will actually go for your product. Put on your mind the following:

  • All Information should be filled out.
  • You must address the customer’s wants and complaints.
  • Keywords should be used in the listing for optimization.
  • It should address the product’s characteristics.

Amazon SEO & Listing Optimization: Product Images

Bet you thought that only keywords could actually optimize your product’s ranking at Amazon. Then I will tell you that is not true. Your product’s image has the ability to create a market, which is why you need to pay special attention to how your product should be illustrated. How do customers choose their Wish List product? Sometimes the product’s image is their standard. We don’t know for sure why, as we tend to judge by the physical characteristic. So better have this one-of-a-kind image for your product to attract your customers.

Amazon has must-to-read guidelines for the product’s images:

  • Required as professional photo; no drawings, illustrations, etc.
  • Required to be on a white background.
  • The product itself should be on the photo.
  • Photos must fill 85% of the frame.
  • Having the best quality photo should be 1000×1000 pixels.
  • No words or any texts at the photo.

Amazon allows you to have 9 images total and recommended to use them all. In addition, the photos that will be used should include the following:

  • Product in use
  • Lifestyle Shot
  • Packaging Shot

And for some help or tools to make this throughout perfectly and made your product ranks at Amazon SEO, then I will tell you what, the Seller SEO is perfect for you. They have some effective tools that make your product at Amazon much possibility to click and bought by your customers. See? If you have this, you have some advantage from out of your competitors and give a wide variety of details on your market. Go and make your product be known! Seller SEO will make your life easier and more profitable at the same time.

Amazon SEO & Listing Optimization: Product Bundling

One of the other features all Amazon sellers should do experiments and learn with is the product bundling. Bundling allows the sellers to create a new idea of products, add to their record, and gives an opportunity to be the seller of these particular items. But to make it right, you should pair put together products that are a complement to each other and have the convenience to your customers. You could actually help your customers to find the necessary products for them. And basically, you are introducing some ideas that they didn’t know that they needed it too.

Amazon does have some exact guidelines when it comes to being a legitimate bundling seller:

  • You are not allowed to list bundled products where the prime products are from the Video Games category or are Books, Music, DVD, or Video product.
  • You may include Books, Music, DVD, or Video product and Video Games items as secondary products in a bundle and must be related and complementary to the primary.
  • The referral fees for the primary product’s category are going to be applied in the entire bundle.
  • All products in bundles must meet the terms with Amazon’s selling policies. More specifically, all products within bundles must remain to the guidelines in each category.
  • Bundle images, features, and descriptions of the products must also stay within Amazon policies.
  • Failure to remain the Bundle Policy, following the Detailed Bundle Guidelines, may lead to the removal without becoming aware of any bundled product listing or account suspension.

Amazon SEO & Listing Optimization: Pricing

Be able to know what price your product should be sold for. If you haven’t decided yet what would be the right price for your product, skim your customer’s product and compare the prices. Figure out for the lowest and maximum price for the product. Through searching and looking at your competitors, you will be able to determine the competitive pricing for your product. In this section, pay more time analyzing, and experiment what price could possibly drive your products better.

Amazon SEO & Listing Optimization: Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or Fulfillment by Merchant

Being a seller at Amazon, you have two options whether how you gonna ship the items. Here are the pros and cons of each.

Pros of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

  • Outsourced customer service
  • You don’t have to maintain an inventory warehouse
  • Having access to Prime members


  • Less control over shipping
  • You’ll pay for the following:
  • Order handling
  • Pick & Pack
  • Weight handling
  • Inventory management

Pros of Fulfillment by Merchant:

  • Control over shipping
  • No fees


  • Challenge to reach Prime customers
  • More difficult to win the Buy Box
  • More time and labor required

Generally, most successful sellers recommend the FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) for the ease it offers and gives access to Amazon Prime members.

Amazon SEO & Listing Optimization: Amazon Prime

At Amazon, more Prime Members are the customers that want to spend thousands of dollars on Amazon so you better get their attention! That’s why FBA is more recommended for you. Making and having a rigid market record gives more opportunity for you from Prime members at Amazon.

Amazon SEO & Listing Optimization: A+ Content and Enhanced Content

If you will sign-up in Vendor Central and be a member, it will allow you more benefits on you like: giving a more detailed copy, additional images for you, videos, and comparison charts for better marketing tracking and technique. And it increases the customer’s engagement into 3-10% according to Amazon. Keep in mind that it will cost you: A self-service page might cost anywhere from $0-$400, while one built by Amazon can cost up to $500-$1500 per page.

But if you are a busy person who can’t do Amazon tracking, you can use Amazon Alexa; Amazon’s voice-powered digital personal assistant. However, you have to make sure that you will also implement an Amazon Alexa SEO.

The above-mentioned details are some of the best ways on how to sell on Amazon. To sum it up, SEO tools are important to achieve success in your business. There are a lot of SEO services that will help you achieve your goals for your business today and yes, for example, the Amazon SEO software. But if you want to have a deep knowledge about Amazon, you can also check different Amazon services or the Amazon SEO book to level up your game in the industry.