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The Ultimate Amazon FBA Calculator on Steroids. Know Your Profit, Even Before You Source Your First Product.

The Ultimate FBA
Profit Calculator

Are you having a hard time figuring out how much profit your new Amazon product might cost to sell via Amazon FBA? See the complete picture in less than one minute.

Know Your Break Even Amazon PPC ACOS

Don’t lose money on Amazon PPC ads because you don’t know what your target ACOS is. Be able to set money making bids and budgets for all of your Amazon advertising.

Profit per unit, and profit per quantity sold

Plan out your profit per quantity sold and your expected profit for an entire purchase order. Make intelligent decisions about pricing, logistics, & packaging.

The modern marketer is: an experimenter, a lover of data, a content creator, a justifier of ROI.

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Do you know your REAL Amazon profits?

The Ultimate FBA Calculator!

If you are selling a physical product from Amazon, whether it be wholesale, private label, white label, or retail arbitrage, one of the most important data points is to know your potential profit and ROI.

It’s extremely important when you’re sourcing a product, and once the product is live on Amazon. You used to have to take a lot of time, an excel spreadsheet, and figure out your profit, break-even, Amazon ACOS, FBA storage fees and more.

Once you get those numbers, you need to come back and input your updated data to get your current results and adjust accordingly to keep your Amazon business profitable.

With ACOSinator, we’ve done all the work for you! It’s like the Amazon FBA calculator on steroids.

See exactly how you can use this tool to get the whole picture when sourcing and selling Amazon products for your FBA business.

How To Use The Ultimate FBA Fee Calculator

When your sourcing a product, it’s important to get the dimensions (height, weight, and length) so that you can know exactly what Amazon will charge you, and in turn how much profit you can make from sourcing products to sell on Amazon FBA.

Our fee calculator will help you make intelligent choices when you ask the question “how do I find great products to sell on Amazon”
Once you make a list of your top products to sell on Amazon FBA, use our profit and fee calculator to get the full picture of the profit potential of that product, and how many units you will need to sell in order to hit your profit goal

With ACOSinator, you know the who picture by using our Amazon FBA fees calculator.

See exactly how you can use this tool to make more money selling Amazon products for your Amazon FBA business. Compare us to the official Amazon FBA Fees Calculator.

Know your Amazon PPC break even ACOS

One of the questions people ask the most when it comes to Amazon ads is “what is my break even acos” or “my amazon advertising acos it too high”

Our fbacalculator will give you your exact break-even acos, and will tell you if you should be raising or reducing your Amazon PPC keyword bids.
Once you get those numbers, you can adjust the ppc campaign that you are running for that product, and make informed decisions on whether or not you should adjust your bids to lower your ACOS.

With ACOSinator, get a clear picture of your advertising spend, and how to improve it. It’s like the Amazon FBA calculator on steroids.

Once you know your break-even number, you can use our Amazon optimization tool to optimize all of your ad campaigns with just a few clicks.