Account deactivated

Oluwabowale Paul Ayodele asked 4 years ago

My name is Paul, i have been a customer of amazon for as long as i can remember, last year i took a step forward to start selling on amazon myself when i added my first product on amazon for the first time following the instruction given to me by an amazon associate on phone on how to add my product unknowing to me that i was adding it under a different brand of the same product. in less than a week, my account was suspended then deactivated from infringing another listing. most of my product was return back to me, some was destroyed while some was untraceable or missing, money in my account was held and used toward charges after deactivation of account. i have tried so many time to get the seller account reactivated with no success even after i have pulled-out all product from the account. i also tried to open a new account with my registers company if that will help but that account was never approve.   I understand Amazon takes copyright and infringements very seriously which is why i pullout and deleted this product from my inventory. and also acquire more knowledge in listing my product. i seek you help in reactivating my seller account as i look forward to your reply. thanks and God bless