Account deactivated

Angela Hsu asked 3 years ago

Account Deactivation My account has been prepared by a third-party, which was found fraud by eBay\\\’s team and got terminated recently. I have stopped working with him, but ever since i gave him access to my account, my account had been deactivated.  I have submitted all information needed to verify my account\\\’s authenticity.  My questions are:  There was a 39.99 charge to amazon, I am not sure what it is, but I have made payments already, please help me clarify. I have received an e-mail indicating there\\\’s still remaining balance to be settled, but I\\\’ve checked and it seems like my account has a zero balance? My account\\\’s still deactivated right now, do I need to submit any other documents? I\\\’d like to cooperate in any way possible. Also, if there are any suspicious activities please don\\\’t hesitate to let me know, thanks!