Amazon Seller Support – Questions112-4173257-5170669-appeal
Jie asked 3 years ago

( Order ID: # 112-4173257-5170669) Hello, It is very UNFAIR for Amazon to issue a full refund to the buyer without my permission! Twenty one days have passed since I replied to the buyer asking her to return the book to me, but I never received my book back. It is ROBBERY! This is how this person gets books without paying. But, Amazon acted as accomplice to the robber! I cannot believe Amazon, such a big company, handles matters this low. I replied to the buyer the same day she claimed to return. And I messaged her again three days later. I stated I am fine with refunding her but she should return the book back to me. It is my book. However, amazon took money away from my bank and gave to her without my permission. In amazon\’s appeal review, you claim you \”found that you did not respond to the buyer’s return request\”. This is nonsense. I have evidences to show I replied her the same day she complaint. I will raise this issue to the court if Amazon cannot handle it properly (refund me). This email will be served as a record for court complaint.