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Step 1. Enter your main search phrase. Generally, you want to be fairly descriptive. For example, “stainless steel garlic press” will generally work better than “garlic press”.

Step 2. Hit the go button. This process may take 15 to 20 seconds as we do multiple calculations to find the best keywords for your product, and where to place the keywords.

Step 3: Start building your content. Generally, you want to start your title with the most important phrase. Click into the text area that you want to edit. It will highlight in orange.

Step 4: Click on a phrase to enter it where your cursor is.

Step 5: Keep building your listing by entering supporting words between the auto-generated phrases.

Step 6: Continue to build your Amazon seo optimized listing by dropping in relevant phrases.

Step 7: Add the top 10 phrases throughout your listing for the best possibility for being ranked for them.

Step 8: Add any remaining unique keywords into the back-end keywords field. You can also add your own keywords and make sure they get into the listing!

Step 9: Export your completed listing for easy storage or import.

Step 10: (optional) Export the phrases generated by listing lighting into the ppc domination campaign creation tool.

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