Why Choose Amazon Ad Management?

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Amazon web Services (AWS) is a pioneering cloud-based, on demand, real-time business platform built on the powerful Amazon Simple Server Pages platform. ImaDroid is the largest market as leader in Amazon PPC Management Services, giving you data-informed, custom-designed Amazon PPC services which increase your online sales, customer satisfaction, and bottom line profit, while reducing your advertising cost. AWS has integrated social media marketing with its wide range of services. This comprehensive list of services and capabilities illustrates why ImaDroid is “the” choice for companies seeking answer advertising and PPC management solutions:

amazon ad management

Create & manage your own customized set of keywords or choose from a pre-efined set of keywords and related ads. Amazon DMP is a set of modules which allows you to manage your own campaign including creating keywords, ad sets, ad types, ad sizes, bid prices, display formats, ad groups, and more. Amazon DMP is flexible, with a number of modules that make it easy to manage your ads. Create multiple campaigns with one site. Manage your advertising costs.

Amazon AdWords is your online storefront, where you can sell your products or services. This pay per click advertising program provides excellent tools for your campaigns. Amazon AdWords campaigns feature an extensive range of options for campaign management, such as control over ad groups, placement options, cost per click options, and much more.

Optimize your website and content for targeted traffic. Create content, such as blogs, articles, video, and visual content, which is relevant to your target audience. Optimize these sites and your ads for keywords that will attract the visitors to your site who are most likely to become future customers. Keep your ads relevant to your site’s content. AdWords offers a large range of keyword and ad groups, so it’s easy to create effective ads.

Amazon Ad Services helps you manage your online advertising campaigns and manage your ad spend. With AMS, you have a single place to manage and track your ads. You can easily identify your audience, set budgets for individual ads, and view your click through rates (CTR). These services include content and product analysis, budgeting, optimization of your landing page, reporting, and more. You can also get expert assistance with setting up ad groups and ad positions for your specific market.

Amazon DMP uses an innovative approach to advertising. DMP campaigns let you choose the type of publisher as well as the type of publisher network that best suits your marketing goals. The result is that you have more power in choosing the type of marketing that best works for you and your business. Amazon DMP lets you create effective ads for popular niches by testing different keyword combinations. You can then use data from these tests to optimize your ads for your specific search terms and create highly targeted campaigns. In addition to targeting the most searched keywords, DMP lets you target ads based on demographics and geographic locations.

Acos can help streamline your ad campaigns. If you’re tired of guessing which keywords and countries you should be focusing on for each of your campaigns, or are sick of manually creating ad groups and ad positions, then ACOS is the perfect choice for your business. Acos can give you the intelligence you need to run an effective ad campaign. The agency will provide you with a comprehensive service that includes keyword research and analysis, ad creation and placement, and management. Your keyword research and analysis will give you the information you need to create targeted ads that will bring in the right customers, while your ad placement and management will ensure you don’t spend too much money on advertising that doesn’t generate sales.

Acos makes it easy to manage and track your advertising campaigns. If you work with an experienced PPC management company, you can gain access to all the tools and reports you need to analyze your click through rates and other metrics. With access to full reports and graphs, you can easily track your progress over time and find ways to improve your campaign performance. If you run a smaller operation, then having access to the tools and dashboard reporting offered by Acos will be invaluable. The best way to run a profitable PPC campaign is to make sure that your campaigns are highly targeted and effectively managed by the experts at Amazon.