What Are the Best Ways of Contacting Amazon Seller Support?

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When dealing with any online business, there will be different stages of frustration and the good news is that we can all overcome them provided that we have patience. The first and most common frustration that newbies face when they start doing business online is the inability to communicate with their clients and suppliers effectively. While some online sellers just sell their goods directly to their customers but go through Amazon fulfillment centers for the products to be delivered and packed personally to the customers, others like to drop ship and deliver their items to their customers online. If you are in this kind of business, I would like to share with you some of the most common Amazon seller support questions and answers that you might encounter.

amazon seller support

Are you having some problems getting hold of your Amazon account? There is a help section on the main help page, where you can find contact seller support which is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, sometimes it can take several days before you get an answer since it can be caused by many things such as a wrong email address or just an abandoned email address. If you want to make sure that you can receive an answer to your problem within the hour, then you will need to try contacting support from the main Amazon website itself.

Do you need help using the Amazon FBA program? If you have an online retail business, you have probably already applied for the FBA program which is also known as “awsome disclosure by advertising” program. This Amazon seller program is available only to small businesses who do not receive any local sales tax benefits or any other form of rebates. If you are still unsure about the eligibility of your business for the Amazon FBA program, you can check out the official website to see if your business qualifies for it.

How can I lower my shipping charges? As an Amazon seller, one of the most important things that you have to have is cheap and affordable shipping rates. In the world of drop shipping, cheap and affordable means almost the same thing as affordable and low cost. If you and your customers both agree on cheap rates, then you can easily persuade the customer to upgrade his order to a next day delivery at no extra charge.

How can I help my customers with their online orders? Drop ship providers will always give their customers free shipping on top of the discount they received when they choose to use their services. But this applies only to normal products. In case log items are used, there are often additional charges on the order that the buyers will not usually be aware of. It would be best if you will let your eBay sellers know about these additional fees so they can price their products accordingly.

Can I start selling more if I am new to eBay? Yes, it is best to start out with a small number of products so you will not be overwhelmed with the responsibility of selling products. If you find that your income is not that good, then you can always hire a wholesale supplier to help you with the bulk orders. Even if you already have a decent amount of income through eBay, you can still benefit from the assistance of a wholesale drop shipper. Since you are already affiliated to one seller, then there is no need for you to start selling on your own.

Can I get better rates when I am affiliated to more than one seller? There are many cases where sellers are paid on a regular basis by a larger wholesale company. But when you work with one seller, it would be best to set up your own account with Amazon and have all transactions sent to your address. As long as you keep your own personal and business accounts separate from your eBay ones, you will never have problems with being paid more by a larger wholesale company. You can always try to work with a rep if you need help setting up your account. A rep will also be able to provide you with valuable information that you might not otherwise find on your own.

Is it possible to contact eBay for help with Amazon? Sometimes, contacting eBay to ask about any Amazon seller support that you need is not possible. Since almost everything is done online, it is impossible to contact eBay directly. However, there is always the eBay email support and they are very helpful when you need assistance with any aspect of an eBay account.