How to Optimize an Amazon PPC Campaign

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When you start making money online with your own website, chances are that one of the first things that you will want to do is launch an Amazon PPC campaign. The reason for this is because an Amazon campaign is easy to set up, takes very little effort to manage, and can yield amazing results. For instance, if you set up an Amazon PPC campaign, not only will you earn money from the sales of products, but you will also earn money from clicks that lead users to the websites of your affiliates. In this article, I will discuss how an Amazon PPC campaign works and what you need to do to get started.

amazon ppc campaign

An Amazon campaign begins with your choice of ad type: sponsored ads, contextual ads or fixed placement ads. With Amazon, you have the choice of selecting any combination of these three ad types. To determine which type of ad you should use, go to the Ads section on the main page. Here you will find options to test and choose the best placements for your products.

Once you have made your choice for the appropriate ad group, click the “Create” button. If you don’t see an option for creating an automatic campaign, then go ahead and do it yourself. You will have to create an account and input some basic personal data. Then you will have to follow the instructions for choosing a product and signing up for an affiliate account. When prompted, enter your credit card information and submit.

After you have signed up for your account and paid your first small commission fee, it’s time to actually create your campaign. At the top of the page, there is a link called “Advertising Options” that will take you to the list of product groups. Click on that link and scroll down until you find an appropriate ad group. Once you’ve selected one, click “Create Campaign” at the bottom of the page.

Now it’s time to create your PPC campaign. On the left side of the page there is a link called “Google AdWords” that will take you to a webpage where you can create a PPC campaign. Click on that link and fill in all the required information, starting with the product detail page. You will need to enter in the name of your company, the name of your product and the URL that you are going to send your PPC traffic to.

The next step is to choose the keywords you are going to bid on in the Google AdWords search engines. For example, if you have chosen to run a PPC campaign promoting the name of your company, you would enter in the name of your company as your keyword. Once that is done, there will be a list of potential keywords that match up to your product. If there are no matching keywords, you should think about changing them so that you can get a good match. This is the second step in creating Amazon PPC campaign.

Step three is to sign up for an account at Amazon and sign in using your usernames and passwords. Your account will then show up with lots of different tabs for ad groups that you can choose from. Click on the “Search Ads” tab and browse around until you come across some specific keywords that match what you have entered in the Google AdWords search engine. Save the ad groups that you want to use.

Step four is to go ahead and create your Amazon PPC campaign. Under the “Insights” section you should see a section labeled “Service Feedback”. Click on it and you will get lots of feedback on which ad groups are paying you the most for clicks and impressions. The ads that are getting you the most impressions for your cost per click and also the most clicks and impressions are the ones that you should use to optimize your website.