Google AdWords Versus Amazon Sponsored Ads for Driving Traffic to Your Site

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Amazon Sponsored Ads is an easy, fast and low-cost method to reach potential buyers online through its web site. Amazon provides a wide range of products in several categories and numerous departments to choose from, and now makes it easier to reach buyers based on their interests. Through advertising, you’ll reveal your message to potential buyers right in their search results without them having to click through any links. What’s more, this is a relatively low-cost way to market your products online, particularly if you use the right keywords for your intended audience. When you know what potential buyers are searching for, your ads can be tailored to fit their needs.

Amazon Sponsored Ads offers professional sellers the ability to increase their sales by displaying their products related to their own products in the search results pages of their website. For example, when someone searches for “cement”, “plastics” or “seamstresses”, they are more likely to see ads for “seamstresses” or “cement” than the other options. The targeted keywords and phrases used in the Amazon Sponsored Ads result page to ensure that your ad shows up when a potential buyer searches for what you have to offer. In fact, when a person is searching for an extended range of products such as “cement”, “plastics” or “seamstresses”, they are more likely to find your advertised products than other alternatives. As a result, using Amazon Sponsored Ads can really help professional sellers gain more sales and income.

In addition, when using Amazon Sponsored Ads, the highest paying ads are shown in the top half of the sponsored result. This is the same spot as the “Sponsored Links” section which is located at the bottom of the search results page. The “Sponsored Results” area offers advertisers a chance to earn even more money by displaying their ad on the right side of the sponsored links, and therefore, earns even more money from each click through. This gives advertisers an opportunity to gain even more exposure to their product or service while increasing their brand awareness at the same time. Here’s an example:

Let’s say you have two different products for sale: “PVC windows” and “rollup doors”. You want to promote both of your products with the same low cost method of advertising called contextual advertising. This means putting one of your contextual ads on your product website along with a link back to your site. This is how Amazon Sponsored Ads will help you achieve this goal. Your website may not have great traffic, but it does have a relevant and well optimized product listing, and your ads are placed in the top half of the sponsored links. By running an effective advertising campaign using Amazon Sponsored Ads, you will be able to increase your conversions or sales because the ads show up on websites with relevant traffic, as opposed to the random placement of an ad on some unrelated website.

Even better, when you run your Amazon Sponsored Ads campaign using Google AdWords, the targeted visitors to your website will already be highly targeted based on the keywords they entered in the search engines to find you! This is because they searched for your keyword in the specific context of your advertisement. This will result in much higher targeted conversion rates. Not only will the targeted traffic be highly qualified, but they will also be extremely targeted based on their previous purchase decisions and behavior when using the specific product they were searching for.

As an advertiser, you can also benefit from increased brand awareness and trust, which can translate into increased sales conversions and more revenue for your company. It’s quite common for small businesses to not focus enough attention on brand awareness and the benefits that come with it. They are quick to jump on the latest trend, or go after the next hot product without really understanding the customer base behind it. You must remember that the customer perception of your brand is very important and that changing your ad format to something that your customers may find more attractive, but may not be comfortable with, could have serious ramifications.

Amazon’s advertising campaign in conjunction with Google AdWords is a great opportunity to be a part of, and not just another advertiser on a bandwagon. You can be unique by being more than another advertising campaign. Being upfront about what your products and services are, giving people the ability to make informed buying decisions is key. Amazon has done this well by creating a community within their website, where consumers can talk shop and discuss their opinions of specific items with other shoppers.

So, if you’re an internet marketer who isn’t making the most of your online marketing efforts, take a look at what is being offered by both Google AdWords and Amazon Sponsored Ads. If you can’t afford traditional, static advertisements for your product or service you may want to consider trying an innovative new approach. These two companies offer a more interactive experience that will give you more exposure, hopefully resulting in increased performance data. And, it won’t cost you as much money as most traditional types of paid advertising. But, the return on investment may surprise many.