Automatic Targeting Campaign With Amazon Sponsored Products

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What is Sponsored Products on Amazon? Basically, sponsored products are an additional feature of Amazon Marketing Services (a), which encompass also the e-commerce site s pay per click (PPC) marketing services. Amazon Sponsored Products usually appears at the top of product search result. When a customer searches for a particular topic or category, the AMS software matches the keywords with sponsored listings. The customer then has the option to select the sponsored product from a list of matching and sponsored merchants, if he/she so chooses.

sponsored products on amazon

How does the Sponsored Products work? When customers search for a specific topic or category using Amazon’s search engine, an AMS program called the Amazon Sponsored Search Results lists the top sponsored links among the results. When the customer clicks on the ads, the sellers pay a fee to Amazon. In return, Amazon displays the advertiser’s ad on its web site, as well as providing limited network traffic to the websites of the sponsored merchants.

Why is it important to promote Sponsored products on Amazon? The reason is that these types of listings are not seen by regular visitors. Regular visitors to the Amazon web site may not be familiar with the sponsored links and hence, they will not click on them. They don’t go through the search results and hence, they miss out on the opportunity to make a purchase. This is what is called ‘disiscovery’ effect – buyers do not come to know about the existence of Sponsored products until they come across them during a routine search for a particular topic.

Now how to get started? The first step is to find the suitable product or category for promoting your Sponsored product. Look for the category that has the maximum number of products related to your niche. You can use Amazon ‘Widgets’ to access the details of popular products. Now, to promote your Sponsored product(s), you need to find a way to create a web site and advertise the Sponsored Ads.

The second step is to create a web site for selling the Sponsored products. Use the Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create a product page. You can either use one of the many design templates that are provided by AWS or build your own. Amazon also provides a number of add-on features like live chat, capture feed, payment gateways and search filters.

The third step in getting started with Amazon Sponsored product campaigns is to set up an account with the Amazon Web Services seller central. This is the same place where you register your online business. Once you log in to the seller central, you will be able to set up a new campaign. From the campaign manager menu, choose the region or countries where you want to run the campaign.

You have two options for getting started: you can either pay per click or pay per lead. Pay-per-click ads, of course, have to be optimized to rank well with the major search engines. Lead generation requires you to sign up as a member of the Amazon Answers Community. Once you have become a certified expert, you can promote your Sponsored Ads on any of the company’s web sites, blogs and forums.

Getting started with Amazon Sponsored product campaigns is easy. The key is choosing the right product category and following the guidelines provided by the Amazon Web Services seller central. You do not have to spend a penny on advertising before you start promoting your products. Once you get a taste of success, you can up your investment and increase your daily budget for paid marketing. Alternatively, you can hire a professional service that can help you in creating an effective and successful sponsored products campaign with Amazon.