Amazon Sponsored Ads Management – Using Amazon to Explode Your Sales

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Amazon Sponsored Ads is among the most well kept secrets in the World of Affiliate Marketing, by far. For those of you who do not yet know, Amazon is a premier internet e-commerce business that specializes in selling electronic goods. They were founded by two men, Jeff Refer and Mike Schaffer. They have been at it for quite some time and are still a major business that do not show any signs of declining. As a result, many affiliate marketers have put all of their eggs in one basket, or in this case, the Amazon Sponsored Ads program.

amazon sponsored ads management

The way that this program works is that you will be allowed to place targeted adverts on your product page in the form of text and banners. Whenever someone clicks on one of these ads, you will get paid a small fee per click, which is called the ‘bid’. The ‘click through rate’ is the number of times someone clicks on one of your sponsored links and visits your website. Amazon will then mark this as a ‘purchase’ and will charge you a small commission for the sale.

So how do you get started with Amazon Sponsored Ads? It really comes down to a few simple steps and I can walk you through them all here. First, create an Amazon account. This is simple and easy to do. You will need to pay a one time fee of $30 dollars or more to be able to access all of Amazon’s tools and features. Once you have your account, head over to the Amazon Sitemaps area and select the ‘Create Space’ icon for your promotional links.

Next, head over to the’Campaigns’ tab and click on ‘Create campaign’. Here you will enter in your product ads, landing pages and any other details you would like to use for the campaign. Once you are finished entering in all of your information and create your first campaign. Now it is time to build your links, click on the ‘Pages’ link on the top left corner of the screen, from where you will be able to view all your campaign pages at once. In the campaign page you can add in a few details about the product, a description and title, a picture for a better representation and anything else you want.

To continue your education about Amazon Sponsored Ads, I recommend you take a look at the Amazon Marketing System University area where you will find many helpful videos, step-by-step guides and interactive tools to help you learn and implement all the strategies you have learned. From there you will want to take the time to generate traffic using free marketing tools such as article marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization. The more traffic that you generate to your web pages the higher your conversion rate for your products will be.

With all this traffic, you will want to find out which specific keywords or keyword phrases are bringing you the most success with your Amazon sponsored ads campaign. There are many great tools to help you analyze which keywords or keyword phrases are working best for you. Some of these include Google AdWords, Keyword Elite and Wordtracker. After you have found some decent keywords to use, start researching them and finding out more about the specific product pages you are advertising for.

The last step in your Amazon Sponsored Management campaign is the final set of tasks that will guarantee your success. When you are finished up, submit your campaign to Amazon. Make sure that they approve your campaign by simply submitting one last checkbox. This will ensure that your advertisement will show up when people are searching for that particular keyword.

Amazon Sponsored Ads Management may seem intimidating, but it is really very simple once you understand the steps. Spend some time doing research, getting educated on the process, and then starting your campaign. Your results will vary, depending on how aggressive you are with your optimization efforts. Do not let things slide too long, as your website could literally go online tomorrow and start seeing hundreds or thousands of new visitors. Keep at it, and in no time at all, you too can join the ranks of the super affiliate marketers.