Customer is not receiving our replies to her messages

Amazon Seller Support – QuestionsCategory: QuestionsCustomer is not receiving our replies to her messages
Catherine Chalut asked 4 years ago

I need help contacting a customer. Order 112-6641452-7805848 Tamiko has sent several messages about one bottle received only half full. We responded to every message she sent and asked for a photo of the sealed half-empty bottle. It seems as though she is not receiving our messages at all as Tamiko continues to message us about the half-empty bottle. Our supplier requires photographic proof so that we can get a replacement bottle sent out to her. Our normal practice is not to call the customer per Amazon policy. However, with no response from the customer and Tamiko\’s attempts to reach us, I tried calling the Amazon number in her order. The call went through both times I tried, however, it immediately disconnected. There was no opportunity to leave a voicemail for her. Suggestions?