Can you recall items in transit for FBA

Amazon Seller Support – QuestionsCan you recall items in transit for FBA
Lynn asked 6 years ago

Items sent into amazon under wrong ASIN. What is the quickest and easiest way to ensure they are not sold under the wrong listing? I am seeing “Change to FBM, Create removal order, close listing, and delete product and listing. 
Just trying to see which option is the quickest and most cost effective so someone doesn’t get the wrong product.

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andy Staffanswered 6 years ago

Hi Lynn,
If the shipment is coming via express (ups, FedEx, DHL, etc) you should be able to redirect the shipment to another address (like your warehouse or home). Another option is to contact Seller Support and let them know that your items are mislabeled but enroute (or already there?). They have a relabeling service which I believe is $0.25 per item (verify with them). You can decide which makes more sense financially, to either redirect or relabel.