Can you help me speed up changing my account from Professional back to Individual

Amazon Seller Support – QuestionsCategory: QuestionsCan you help me speed up changing my account from Professional back to Individual
Chris Hartmann asked 4 years ago

I sell used books only. was selling as an Individual and made a bad decision to upgrade to Professional on June 28.  I did not have enough knowledge about my decision and the Amazon system zeroed out all of my ordinary $3.99 shipping amount.  I didn\’t know about setting up templates. I was then swamped with about 40+ orders overnight that contained no compensation for shipping.  Bad news. I did not realize what was going on until too late.  I fulfilled most of the orders and then I went back in to your system and downgraded to Individual again.  I did talk to a support rep on the phone at the time of the disaster and he was good enough to refund the professional 39.95 fee back into my account.  I canceled a few orders to cut my loses and then put all my inventory on vacation. I am in my 70s and do not need more complications, creating templates, etc.  I just want my account to return to INDIVIDUAL with the $3.99 shipping for Media Mail. That was working fine.   After I downgraded a couple days after the upgade, the system is showing \’Professional (Individual from your next billing date)\’.  The Professional fee was returned to me, so can you help me by looking at my account and changing it back to Individual as soon as possible. If I have to wait to the next billing date, I can do that, but would prefer to get back my individual account sooner with the default $3.99 shipping on all order.  Can you look into my account and help me out to do this?  As soon as I see my inventory is back with the default shipping, then I can take my book off vacation setting and start selling some again.    Thank You, Chris Hartmann