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Lynn asked 4 years ago

I am a newer employee for an FBA seller. We recently uploaded and sent in a few products. Had no problems uploading or sending them in. Now they are showing in inventory as “inactive” When we clicked on them, it stated we needed approval to sell this item, and gave the option to request approval. Approval was immediately granted, however the items are still showing inactive. (This is strange because our system will usually alert us BEFORE we send an item into inventory, in these cases however it let us send them right in without giving us the typical approval request, however I would probably chalk it up to human error rather than rage on the system lol) So on these couple products that are now sitting comfortably in the FBA warehouse, in a state of perpetual inactivity. Do we have to recall them, only to send them right back in? Or is there something that will automatically reactivate them now that the approval went right through, or possibly something we do from the site that will reactivate. This one has us stumped. 

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andy Staffanswered 4 years ago

What I would try is to close the listing for 24 hours, and then re-list it. There is also a tool on seller central to check to see why an ASIN is inactive. You can find it at: click on “troubleshoot inactive listing”. If none of this works then it’s back to contacting seller support to see if they can make the listing active, or explain what else is needed from you.